from 0,046 $ per kWh

Continuously maintaining the right conditions for your miners to work, ensuring maximum productivity of your equipment. Timely maintenance and servicing will allow you to ensure maximum productivity and maintain the commercial appearance of your miners and mining farms.

UMC service department will solve all issues related to monitoring and maintenance of your equipment.

One of the centers of the Ural Mining Company is located in the mining zone of the Chelyabinsk Region.
There are two 40 MW transformers on the site, and the input voltage of 110 kW is converted to 6 kW.
Then it goes to step-down transformers, which produce a three-phase current of 0.4 kW.

The site is ready to receive containers and fixed centres to accommodate miners and server equipment.
Internet connection works are in progress. Closed protected area is in the mining and production zone.
At the moment it is possible to connect about 30 MW.
In addition, it is guarded by a private security company.

Сonnection fees:

from 1kW to 100kW – 0,046$/kW.
from 100kW to 500kW – 0,043$/kW.
from 500kW to 1mW – 0,042$/kW.
from 1 mW to 20 – 0,039$/kW.

The benefits of our mining data center


Low rates

Electricity included in the cost


24-hour security

We’re not revealing the location of the hotel. We protect the data center with a private security company


Smooth internet

We provide Internet access through two redundant fiber optic channels


Protection against power surges

Use voltage regulators to extend the life of the equipment


Equipment Cooling

We use industrial air-conditioning and ventilation, control the operation of cooling systems


Fire protection

All mining hotels are equipped with temperature and smoke detectors, as well as modern powder extinguishers and spraying systems


Error correction

When hash rate is reduced, we promptly restore the declared capacity of the equipment


Setup and maintenance

Helping to create a wallet and account. We give recommendations on how to use


The company is constantly looking for sites to expand hosting capacity.