The most common problems we’re faced with

Hash rate is down

If the hash rate has decreased, the miner needs to be inspected immediately. The sooner you diagnose the cause of the hash rate reduction, the more you will save on repairs.

Reasons for breakdowns

The main causes of breakdowns are power surges, component overheating and manufacturing faults.

The device is switched off or not present in the network

Probably the reason is a broken control board or power controller.

The batteries broke down

Typically, the problem occurs during voltage surges, and if a fault is detected, the miner chips are replaced.

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    Miner repair prices

    Pre-sale testing of mining equipment / diagnostics of problems 3,5 $/ piece
    Device prevention and cleaning
    Preventative cleaning using a compressor 8 $/ piece
    Cleaning equipment after emersion 23,5 $/ piece
    Repair the control board and the hash board of the miner
    Control board repair from 47 to 70 $/ piece
    Hash board repair 47 $/ piece
    Soldering pins 15,5 $/ board
    Loop replacement 8 $
    Miner power supply repair
    Power supply repair 31 $/ piece
    Replacing the braid of the power supply 15,5 $
    Virus treatment and miner flashing .
    Treating certain types of viruses 15,5 $
    Miner flashing 8 $/ piece
    Cooling system repair
    –°ooler replacement 15,5 $/ piece