Ural Mining Company is a professional operator in the market for the supply of mining equipment and hosting. We take equipment directly from manufacturers, deliver miners around the world, organize delivery of miners from Europe to our data centers!

Our logisticians will select for you the best way to deliver equipment, which will save you money and time. The number of our customers around the world is increasing every month.

With us you can:

  •  Order equipment, and we will bring it to you anywhere in the world.
  • Arrange the delivery of any consignment of miners and significantly save costs on it
  •  Solve any issues related to the delivery process and guarantee coverage.

You can get any miner using the services of the logistics service of the Ural Mining Company:

  •  Contact our English speaking managers,
  •  Choose the right equipment,
  •  Indicate the place of receipt of equipment anywhere in the world,
  •  We will calculate all possible delivery options and offer the best!
  •  We organize reliable, profitable and quick delivery of miners

With us you receive your order at the specified address, or pick up the parcel at the agreed branch of the transport company.

Why do customers all over the world choose to buy equipment from our company?

  • We work with carriers at the lowest rates
  •  We draw up all the necessary documents, help reduce customs payments
  •  We provide the shortest delivery times and equipment safety

Shipping cost depends on the weight of the package and the address of the recipient. Contact the manager to calculate the delivery of equipment to the destination.